Mayor MacGillis Urges Residents to Engage Legislators to Reopen

Posted on Wednesday May 20, 2020
Mayor MacGillis today urges residents to engage Legislators to reopen the State of Illinois and the Village of Round Lake for business.
A Message from Mayor Daniel MacGillis

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Village of Round Lake Residents,

As your Mayor, I understand how difficult the last two months have been. I am well aware of the stresses that have been placed on our local economy and the devastating impact it has had on our Village and residents. I will continue the efforts to get the Village back up and running using every avenue available to me as Mayor.  However, I feel my hands are tied as Governor Pritzker has threatened to withhold funding to municipalities if we do not comply to his “orders.” 

Recent legal developments have resulted in loosening restrictions, but it is not enough. I, like many others, believe that the Governor has overreached his authority, and does not have the power to continue to order that our local businesses remain closed.

As a result of all your voice and emails, I have drafted a Legislative Form Letter along with the names and addresses of our State and Federal Legislators. This letter is a request for them to reopen the State of Illinois and the Village of Round Lake for business. I encourage you to read it, sign it and take action if you agree. I am not suggesting that the COVID-19 virus is not real.  I am suggesting that we can reopen by being smart and using best practices to stay safe.  Together we are stronger as a Village.


Legislative Form Letter

Form Letter